Creative Bookshelves

The Creative Bookshelf, More than a Place to Put Books

Bookshelves are meant to serve a function: to store and organize things. Shelves can also be a way of expressing creativity and innovation. There are many ways of arranging books creatively, and here are some of the top creative bookshelves:

Equation bookshelves

This creative bookshelf looks like an equation with parentheses and brackets which allow you to prioritize your most important or more popular books from the rest.

Folding bookshelves

This creative bookshelf is made of what looks like many tiny pieces put together. This allow yous to arrange your bookshelf in multiple creative ways. The little pieces are made of very strong cherry wood and can support your objects.

Quad bookcase

This creative bookshelf is very creative and modern looking. It provides spaces for books, videos, DVDs and CDs. The shelf is asymmetric and can be set up in multiple ways.

Shelves with a bench

This shelf unit stores book, CDs, DVDs or other objects while becoming a part of your decor as well. It has a creative bench in the middle on which a silhouette is reading a magazine.

Storyline shelf

This shelf looks like the graph of sound waves. It has a modern touch and can be displayed in a horizontal or vertical way.

Rolling shelf

This shelf unit is made of wood and has parts of it that can be extended as storage space or rolled up. It is a very innovative way of storing books or objects of different heights.

These were just a few of many artistic bookshelves, but they should give you a glimpse at how creative you can get when you decorate or create you own shelving units.